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“We’re in interesting times. Journalism has changed… it’s become less about reporting facts and arguments – and more about projecting polarised opinion and sensationalism.

“We’re on a mission to provide readers with objective, balanced and informed analyses of the big issues that face our society today.

“We want to help people form better opinions – opinions based on knowledge and fact, broadened perspectives, and an understanding as to why people hold opposing views. We believe this is a hallmark of a better democracy and a more civil society.”

We’d like to hear from skilled writers who can deliver well researched, concise, factual, and engaging poll briefings.  Our content is focused on addressing “the big issues” – the big debates in the spheres of politics, sports & entertainment.

What is Pollstation?

Pollstation is a social networking platform which creates and hosts its own polls. Our polls are prefaced by concise, informative, neutral briefings on the subject being polled. In the briefing we provide the reader with background, context, and explain the various sides of the argument. They can then deliver their verdict or preference through a real-time poll.

The platform allows every user to build their own user profile, participate in polls, participate in debate, and to network with other users.

Our mission is to provide our users with an indispensable and trusted source of neutral content briefings, and an equal opportunity to have their say. Ultimately, Pollstation is a unique combination of professionally-produced content and user-generated content.

Main Responsibilities

We would like you to work with the site’s editor:

  • To identify suitable subjects that can be polled within your preferred content area (broadly defined as being within politics, sport or entertainment).
  • To define and refine a suitable poll question (~100 characters)
  • To conduct your own research into the subject to gather information, facts and different viewpoints about the subject.
  • To write a briefing article in line with some basic content guidelines that can then be published on the site (500 – 1200 words).
  • To assist in selecting any supplementary information that can serve to enhance the briefing, such as accompanying images, graphs, infographics, tweets etc.

Ideal Person

  • Journalism or literary interests.
  • A commitment to objectivity and impartial analysis.
  • Ability to understand sometimes complex issues and simplify them.
  • Ability to write in a simple and concise way that’s accessible to the majority (think tabloid).
  • Familiar with Google Docs, Skype, remote / mobile working.
  • Some familiarity with social media / social networks (Facebook, Twitter etc).


To work with an exciting news media startup intending to grow into a highly visible, broad, politically neutral, unique and exciting consumer publishing enterprise.

Our foremost offer is to showcase our contributor’s content and to help promote and build their professional or personal profile.

Financial compensation on a “per submission” basis is available subject to experience and a trial period. We intend to build on this, and to offer full, part-time, freelance positions – as well as introduce other incentives.

Note: Please do not apply purely on the basis of an interest in financial compensation.

Time / Commitment

No specific minimal time or commitment. Flexible and open.

How to apply

Please email Cass Horowitz via editorial [at] pollstation [dot] com.

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